Valentine’s Day- Ugh

*Just a quick intro- sorry I haven’t posted in a looooong time, I’m 17 now, in my second year of college, learning to drive and doing a degree next year- enjoy this post! Lol* 
So considering it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d make a Valentine’s Day related blog. Now as I’m sure you can see by the title I’m not a fan and yeah you guessed it- I’m single.  I’d like to say that I’m not jealous, but we all know that single people are always jealous on Valentine’s Day- it’s a fact. 

What I’m mainly here to rant about though is them gross, cringey, soppy af couples that make even normal couples cringe. We all have them, plastered all over Facebook today like the bloody plague with half the Queen’s front garden tied in a red bow in someone’s living room. “I love you so so much baby boo- you are my Earth, my stars, my everything” ewwww facccck off! That just puts unimaginable thoughts into my head that i’d rather not think of thank you very much! Save that shiteee for text man… I don’t want to see that crap on my wall thanks! 

And ughhhh the sex… Not the sex! Now with this one you get all sorts and for some reason people seem to enjoy letting you know they’ve been at it on Valentine’s Day. You know what? I don’t care. I actually do not give one shit. First of all is the snapchatters. Them slightly over confident couples that don’t think twice about posting a picture of them both uncomfortably close in bed clearly naked with a smug look on their faces. Really? I mean really? Is there a need? Then you’ve got the tellers. Them overly sexually orientated friends that will give you a little nudge and say “guess what I was up to last night?!” Really bitch? Do I really need to guess? Dirty girl!! And last but not least is your hinters… They’ll look at you and giggle until with much regret you’re forcibly made to ask why they’re giggling and the annoying little shits will continue to giggle until in frustration you shout “what?!” And then they look at you with sad little puppy eyes and you have to bloody apologise for their stupidness! I mean guys chill man….😂 
I’m calm I promise! I’m off now to Netflix and chill in my single bed with my dog👍🏻 Peace out guys😂✌🏻️


About Myself…

Hi everyone! My name is Emma, I’m 16 years old and I’ve just created this blog page because I guess I just love writing. 

Yet before I describe a little bit about myself and why I have decided to start this random blog, I have to ask that you must excuse any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors I make along the way. I can assure you that they are all just that- mistakes, considering grammatical errors are one of my biggest hates. 

So if I haven’t bored you all to death already and you’re all still with me.. Let me start by describing a little bit about myself. I’m 16 years old, single, and a student currently studying Animal Management at college. I enjoy college, as I love working in around many different animal breeds and learning the aspects of health, welfare, breed development, behaviour and much more. Yet even though it is good fun, the work load is only just manageable and I feel myself spending all evening every evening working on long winded assignments. 

However as well as my educational studies, I also enjoy the typical life of a 16 year old girl. I love going out to parties and drinking myself to embarrassment, as well as making trips to the shopping centre with my friends. Recently I’ve created a whole new group of friends at college, who I love to have a laugh and a bit of banter with. 

Yet that being said, I am also very family orientated. I enjoy just sitting on my lazy arse watching TV surrounded by my family, and to be honest I would probably choose that rather than going for a walk with a friend. I have a beautiful neice and nephew that mean the world to me, a sister and two step brothers. But I’ll save that story for another time. 

So now you’ve learnt a bit about me, I’ll explain why I have decided to make this blog. Well firstly, it’s purely because I am bored. Sad really isn’t it? But yeah, after finishing my assignments of a night I like to sit and watch TV, but when there’s nothing on I get bored… So I thought I would entertain myself by writing this blog. I also have quite a strong opinion on certain matters so I thought I would use this sight to express my random opinions for all of you interested to read. Lastly, I find it kind of interesting that people may be interested in my life. If I can impact anyone’s life even in the smallest way by writing this blog, I have accomplished my goal; because at the end of the day I hope my life experiences can help someone one day and I feel this blog is the start of that journey. 

Well, I hope I haven’t bored you too much! Actually if you’ve made it here I’m pretty proud! I’m not sure how much I will be posting but I’ll try to be as frequent as I can! 

Thank you for taking the time to read, Emma